ArtResLab Hagastaden


A collaboration between artists and Life Science researchers to present proposals for public art in Hagastaden. Invited by Statens Konstråd, Stockholm Konst and Stockholms Läns Landsting. My proposal consists of a group of trees filled with dreamcatchers surrounded with circular stone formations on the ground. Together they give the impression that you are standing on an old sacred ground.

The trees will be placed in a circle or a cluster. They will be carefully selected and moved to the site. I am looking for trees of a different character than the ones in the rest of the park. The trees will be filled with wichcraft sculptures and the ground will be decorated with stones in different patterns and piles. My aim is for them to create a special atmosphere and give the visitor the impression that the site was in fact there long before Hagastaden was built. As if the whole residential area was built around it and that this particular site was saved due to its high spiritual value. Entering this sculpture installation will bring to mind bygone times and parallel realities.

The installation is approximately 15 meter across.

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